Candles & Knitting


I have been making lots of candle recently. It started off being a project for my youngest son to take part in but I really enjoyed experimenting with them too. Above you can see a jam jar one with coloured wax and a pretty gingham bow tied around it. This is lasting for ages.

I have also made some cupcake style ones that don’t burn for so long but are super cute. If you would like to see a tutorial on how to make the candles please comment below.


On the needles this week has been mainly orders. I have made a few chunky knit scarves and slippers, a tie and a pretty pair of pink socks for a lovely lady. Also a pair of sweet little mittens for a xmas decoration




I have to try and finish my son’s rainbow crochet blanket this week amongst casting on some other goodies for xmas presents which I will share with you all.

Thanks for reading the blog comments are welcome


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