Knitted xmas Decorations

I have decided to do a tutorial for knitted xmas decorations. I made these a while ago and they are brought out year after year.



The first pattern I am going to show you is for the candy cane.  This is a very simple pattern and looks very effective.  You can also choose any colour yarn that you want too.

You will need dk yarn or 4ply yarn depending on how you want it to look.  Pipe cleaner or straw.

Using 2.75mm needles (US size 2 needles) case on 40 stitches.

Cast off

Do this for twice and then you can twist your yarn around your pipe cleaner or straw as you sew it on.  You can sew on a little hanging loop or you can just hook your candy cane onto the branch of the tree.

Perfect and so simple

I will be doing free patterns for the stockings and the bauble in my next blogs so please keep a look out for them.

Happy knitting


Knitted nails?

I bought these a while ago as they look just like fairisle knitting. I have never used nail wraps before and now I know why. You have to put on clear nail varnish first then cut out the nail wraps soak them in water and cut them to your shape of nails. I must admit I am not a nail technician so I have never used these before but I really wasn’t impressed.



I was rather excited about having knitted nails! But they really just looked a mess. I think if I was going for this look it would be better on false nails to use for a special occasion. Maybe different brands are better I don’t know.

But my first experience with nail wraps has not been a success. Let me know if you use them and if so how you find them.

Friday the 13th

Yes today is Friday the 13th. A date which some people hate if they are superstitious.


I on the other hand am not superstitious and I think if anything is going to happen it won’t be because of the date of that particular day. I know others are though and won’t even venture out on such a day. Just the number 13 is considered unlucky. Usually you don’t get a number 13 house because they miss the number out. Also some hospitals won’t have a ward 13 because of this reason too.

Are you superstitious? Let me know in the comments below

Christmas Projects

Christmas is edging closer each day and of course as always I always leave it to the last minute to complete my christmas knitting. Every year I say the same thing ‘I will be more organised this year and have everything knitted by November ready for christmas’ yeah right! It never happens

I have completed a couple of pairs of socks though and they will be put in gift boxes for presents


Another present I am making is my son a rainbow crochet blanket. When I started this I did not realise how long this was going to take!

I am using up loads of dk yarn though which is always a good thing


I have a few more projects I would like to get done before christmas including hot water bottle covers like this one


Which I will write up the pattern for too as it’s great if you are new to cables and it’s so easy to do.

I will post more pictures of my progress of the rest of my christmas knitting as I do it.

Also don’t forget the date today is 11/12/13 a very unforgettable day for me and my family now due to some personal reasons.

Candles & Knitting


I have been making lots of candle recently. It started off being a project for my youngest son to take part in but I really enjoyed experimenting with them too. Above you can see a jam jar one with coloured wax and a pretty gingham bow tied around it. This is lasting for ages.

I have also made some cupcake style ones that don’t burn for so long but are super cute. If you would like to see a tutorial on how to make the candles please comment below.


On the needles this week has been mainly orders. I have made a few chunky knit scarves and slippers, a tie and a pretty pair of pink socks for a lovely lady. Also a pair of sweet little mittens for a xmas decoration




I have to try and finish my son’s rainbow crochet blanket this week amongst casting on some other goodies for xmas presents which I will share with you all.

Thanks for reading the blog comments are welcome