Time to feel better

So the sickness bugs have hit the house. I’m hoping it will not be the first of many.

The book I’m currently reading is fault in our stars by John green thank you to my niece Heidi for lending it to me. Not reading it as quick as I hoped because of the sickness but what I have so far it’s been great! I can see why it got such good reviews. I want to read gone girl next that also looks great and I’ve seen the film is coming out for it too.

I had rolo the puppy looking after me while I was poorly he couldn’t understand why I couldn’t go on our daily walks together.

I started to feel better about a week ago but been making a conscious effort of eating better. Natural yoghurt granola and grapes are my favourite at the moment.

Hope you are all well fit and healthy. I plan to start vlogging in October over on YouTube so hope you will all watch me over there too.




New designs

so the new designs are being made as we speak! Very busy trying to finish all these exciting new designs and a twist on some of the old ones too.

Photo shoot is being planned and organised and the collection will be available fully from the end of October. All ready for Christmas and those winter months

Loving keeping my designs in my masato bag




Me again

So I’m here again. Today has been a busy day shopping, getting tickets to see a medium, taking the kids to macdonalds and ordering wool for new designs. Oh yes and won an award for another business I run.

Yes it’s been a busy day so far and it’s not been over yet.

Who believes in mediums? I have seen several over the years and I do believe in spirits and have been told I’m very spiritual too. I would love to know what you all think.

Can’t wait to get started on some new designs I’m hoping the wool will be here very soon so I can make a start as the photo shoot will be very soon.

Would you like to see behind the sciences video and pics of the photo shoot? Let me know.


All change!

Wow this blog has been neglected and I’m sorry to my followers here!

But.. I’m back. It has been all change here I have been designing my new autumn winter collection. It’s going to be all about the chunky knits this season.

So let me let you all know what’s happening and has happened .. Within the time I haven’t blogged, I have redecorated a house in less than two weeks and moved out including flooring for the whole place too. Within this time my auntie died suddenly so that was a great shock to us all. This was a very hard time for us and in some ways I am glad of the distraction of a new house. I am so grateful for all my family that helped me I couldn’t have done it without them.

My daughter has turned 17 years old and yes I feel very old now!! My niece has been accepted into uni which I am very proud of she has such a bright future ahead of her.

My niece is also one of my models and her younger sister this time is also going to be modelling for me. Very exciting!!

So I’m knitting like crazy finishing off designs. Planning YouTube videos. Tutorials and vlogs coming soon too. Which I hope you all watch.

Ok I think that’s all for now. Probably forgot so much to tell you all but I will be blogging more so will be able to tell you more as I remember.