Lush haul

I was lucky enough to receive a box full of lush goodies recently. So perfect time to do a haul. We don’t live very close to a lush store so was lovely to receive this.

I had the wizard bath bomb, the pumpkin bath bomb, Lord of Misrule bath bomb, yellow sparkler and snow glitter.

I must admit the glitter you put on after a bath wasn’t for me so I gave this to my nieces. It was a citrus smell and I didn’t like the glitter as I got out of the bath. Good for a night out I think.

The pumpkin one was fab and was used on halloween night even my 8 year old liked this one.

The wizard one was cool but not as many bright colours as I expected.

Lord of Misrule well what can I say! It turned the bath black! Then it started cracking very clever. My son had a bath in this one as he thought it looked awesome.

The yellow sparkler was great and gave the bath a lovely colour and smelt amazing. Loved the sparkles in this one too.

Will definitely be ordering more lush. What’s your favourite one? Let me know in the comments.








Beauty comes from within


I think we all worry at some time about how we look and self image. When I was younger my friend had blonde curly hair and I had dark straight hair. So I decided to dye bits of it blonde which looked awful lol I was scared of going to school but when I did everyone said how great it looked!

I think no matter how you look you will always look for and think there are ways to improve your looks.

I think we should take the advice of the picture above. The older I get the more less worried I become about how I look. Remember beauty comes from within.

Knitted nails?

I bought these a while ago as they look just like fairisle knitting. I have never used nail wraps before and now I know why. You have to put on clear nail varnish first then cut out the nail wraps soak them in water and cut them to your shape of nails. I must admit I am not a nail technician so I have never used these before but I really wasn’t impressed.



I was rather excited about having knitted nails! But they really just looked a mess. I think if I was going for this look it would be better on false nails to use for a special occasion. Maybe different brands are better I don’t know.

But my first experience with nail wraps has not been a success. Let me know if you use them and if so how you find them.