A round up of 2013?

Everyone seems to do a round up of the year on their blogs. I will be high lighting the things I am proud of in 2013 but not mentioning everything.

What did 2013 teach me? Actually it taught me a lot. Mainly about going after what you want and New beginnings. I moved to a new house this year which I love. I have amazing family and have made some wonderful friends too.


Of course work will be included in this blog post. I was featured in let’s knit magazine again and knit today. Knit today and the local paper ran stories on the charity ideas I was doing for pancreatic cancer to help raise money. I also had great success selling my designs on etsy to a wide range of countries.

I have decided to concentrate on my knitting pattern designs for 2014 and just do the odd commision. I am starting a podcast too and YouTube channel. I am also going to be dyeing more yarns for peggy’s yarns. Therefore trying to expand it more.


2014 is going to be the year that I really make things happen while still keeping my family a priority too.