Be grateful


I think this is something we all need to do in life. Being grateful for the things we have is a simple thing yet we do sometimes take them for granted.

Family and friends are so important and something we should always feel grateful for. I moved back to norfolk around 6 years ago and my family helped me so much. For this and so many other things they have done I will always be grateful.


The above quote is so true. We are always looking to better ourselves and get the latest gadget or have more than we do. But if we were grateful for the things we already have including people and love I’m sure we would all see how rich we truly are.

I have been writing down each day the things I am grateful for. Sounds a little crazy! But it really does work.  When you are grateful for the things you have and the moments you are grateful for it makes you realise what a great life you have. It also opens up lots more opportunities to you.


If you want any changes in your life you need to do as the above quote says. If you continue doing the same things then you will get the same results.

I could go into so much detail with this blog post but don’t want to make it too long. If you like these kind of posts please comment and I will write some more 🙂


Never forgotten

This has been an emotional day for me today. So far my blog posts aren’t too personal but I had to write something today about an amazing lady.

I will not mention her name but she was born in 1919 and saw so many eras. She came into our family quite some year’s ago and as she had no family of her own we adopted her like a Nan. She was always proud to be part of a family and used to tell us all the time.

Just before Christmas this amazing lady died but she had such an impact on all of our lives. She influenced myself, my sister, the children of the family and of course our mum too. This was only a few people as she had many friends and uncles and aunts of mine too that grew close to her.

I remember making her this pale blue pleated shawl for her birthday one year. Her favourite colour.


She was a very educated lady and loved her garden and her cats that she owned over time. We will miss her dearly. I know she would not want us to be sad today, the day of her funeral.

So I suppose my message for today and the reason for this blog post is to appreciate all you have and the people around you.


Christmas Eve

Yes it is christmas eve and everyone is getting very excited about the big day tomorrow. I have finished all my shopping and everything is wrapped.


We all go to my mums on christmas day and have a big family meal. This is the thing I look forward to the most. All getting together, dressing up and spending the day together.

There will of course be loved ones who will be missed but I know they are looking down on us and watching us all still.

We have had some lovely times leading up to christmas which is what it should be about too. Making gingerbread stars to go on the tree for example. Which didn’t last long lol



I hope you all have a magical christmas and remember to hug your loved ones and be grateful them.