Fireworks and Knitting






I’m back

I’ve been slacking a little recently with my blog so I apologise to all my readers. Life has got in the way a little but I’m back again.

We have celebrated my nieces birthday heidi was 18 years old and wow that makes me feel so old! I got her a Pandora charm for her to keep forever and my mum and myself had some flowers with a balloon delivered to her sixth form for her 🙂

The next birthday we celebrate will be mine. One that is a milestone lol if I could choose a cake I would have this one, isn’t it fabulous!


I have lots of hand dyed yarns going into my peggy’s yarns shop this week but something else new are these minion stitch markers. So cute and selling well peggy’s yarns


Rolo is getting bigger, nearly 11 weeks old now, still as tiny. He has had his first injection and we can’t wait to take him for a walk to the local park. The weather has been beautiful recently so hoping it stays like this now.


My mum made me this cushion the other day. Love it and it goes great with my colour scheme in my living room. She obviously also loves to knit and she always has to have something on the needles.


I haven’t made any progress on my socks but I have been knitting a commission which is on a deadline. But then I will finish all the socks! Including my own pattern I am designing


Influence of Mr Selfridge

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After watching the whole first series of Mr selfridge on my kindle through Netflix I have been very influenced by this era. I love this series tremendously and it has opened up a lot of new design ideas for me.


The characters are particular with their appearance and glide across the screen. Even the ones with little or no money still always made an effort with their appearance.


Knitting of course was something people did then, just as my nanny Peggy did as something you had to do to make clothes for yourself and children. Now it is seen as a hobby and it is cheaper to buy a woollen garment mass produced from a shop than make it yourself.


I also love the Victorian decor such as the bedrooms. Doesn’t it look inviting and fresh. Of course there had to be a knitted throw on the bed too.


I have a few designs I am making at the moment including long gloves with lace detail, capes and socks.

Let me know which era has or is inspiring you at the moment?