Big Changes!

Over the last week or so I have made some big changes and big decisions.  These include a lot of thought about my fears and my future.

Some big changes are always a little difficult I think especially if you have to make the final decision yourself.  As many of you probably know I own Peggy’s Collection which is a UK based knitwear company and I design knitting patterns too.  I also own Peggy’s Yarns which I hand dyed yarns and sold various knitting accessories.

I am afraid one of my big decisions was to close Peggy’s Yarns.   The main reason for this is because I want to concentrate on my design work and it just simply was not making enough money to continue.

I would like to thank all my supporters through Peggy’s Yarns though and I have made some great friends through it.  I will still very much be on the knitting scene just not with my own yarns.  In a way it makes me quite excited to try other people’s yarns and use them in my designs.

I have also decided to start a counselling course.  A few years ago while I was doing my law degree I studied psychology.  I have a diploma in this and I loved the work very much.  So I have plunged into the world of assignments and studying once again.

I believe this will be a rewarding career for me as it will help others as well as enriching my life too.

I will be carrying on with this blog featuring motivational posts, beauty, knitting and my life in general.  So I hope you will all continue to follow my blog and enjoy it.

Sorry if I have rambled a little on this blog post but I had lots to tell you all.



Be grateful


I think this is something we all need to do in life. Being grateful for the things we have is a simple thing yet we do sometimes take them for granted.

Family and friends are so important and something we should always feel grateful for. I moved back to norfolk around 6 years ago and my family helped me so much. For this and so many other things they have done I will always be grateful.


The above quote is so true. We are always looking to better ourselves and get the latest gadget or have more than we do. But if we were grateful for the things we already have including people and love I’m sure we would all see how rich we truly are.

I have been writing down each day the things I am grateful for. Sounds a little crazy! But it really does work.  When you are grateful for the things you have and the moments you are grateful for it makes you realise what a great life you have. It also opens up lots more opportunities to you.


If you want any changes in your life you need to do as the above quote says. If you continue doing the same things then you will get the same results.

I could go into so much detail with this blog post but don’t want to make it too long. If you like these kind of posts please comment and I will write some more 🙂

Beauty comes from within


I think we all worry at some time about how we look and self image. When I was younger my friend had blonde curly hair and I had dark straight hair. So I decided to dye bits of it blonde which looked awful lol I was scared of going to school but when I did everyone said how great it looked!

I think no matter how you look you will always look for and think there are ways to improve your looks.

I think we should take the advice of the picture above. The older I get the more less worried I become about how I look. Remember beauty comes from within.

I’m back

I’ve been slacking a little recently with my blog so I apologise to all my readers. Life has got in the way a little but I’m back again.

We have celebrated my nieces birthday heidi was 18 years old and wow that makes me feel so old! I got her a Pandora charm for her to keep forever and my mum and myself had some flowers with a balloon delivered to her sixth form for her 🙂

The next birthday we celebrate will be mine. One that is a milestone lol if I could choose a cake I would have this one, isn’t it fabulous!


I have lots of hand dyed yarns going into my peggy’s yarns shop this week but something else new are these minion stitch markers. So cute and selling well peggy’s yarns


Rolo is getting bigger, nearly 11 weeks old now, still as tiny. He has had his first injection and we can’t wait to take him for a walk to the local park. The weather has been beautiful recently so hoping it stays like this now.


My mum made me this cushion the other day. Love it and it goes great with my colour scheme in my living room. She obviously also loves to knit and she always has to have something on the needles.


I haven’t made any progress on my socks but I have been knitting a commission which is on a deadline. But then I will finish all the socks! Including my own pattern I am designing