Happy new year

Today is the 1st January 2015 the stet of a fresh new year. I love the first day of the year time to make plans and changes for the better.

I am spinning some beautiful fibre from hilltopcloud at the moment with my drop spindle from spin city UK. It’s very relaxing and a dream to work with. I am determined this year to do more spinning so watch this space.

Loving my candles at the moment especially this one that my sister bought me for xmas. It’s actually a tea light holder and the buttons really shine through. She knows me very well.

A lot of things for me are changing this year for the better. I am finishing my professional life course and counselling course as I believe I can help others some how with this skill.

What will be changing for you all this year?






New year time

So yes it is New Year’s Eve again. I can’t say I won’t be happy 2014 is over. It’s been a strange year full of ups and downs and I will be glad to start a fresh.

The whole house has been unwell recently so a fresh start is definitely what we need.

2014 was a good year in some ways it’s not all bad. I’m so lucky to connect with someone again that I has missed for over two years. We also moved into our lovely home. We got our little dog Rolo too. I also decided to home educate my two sons.

The next year is going to be about doing what I love and progressing with my hand dyed yarn business and social media and virtual assistant business.

I’m very proud of my eldest son and his YouTube career too.

I hope you all have a great new year and I’m not going to put resolutions on here as I am just happy for a fresh new start.





New autumn/winter collection

Once again we had a great autumn/winter collection. I included a number of new designs including the brown tweed scarf, slouch hat, arm warmers and the scarf with the pockets.

The designs have been so popular so far and bloggers especially have seemed to love it. It all makes it worth while the hours and hours of planning the designs hand knitting them all, yes I said HAND knitting them, no machines used here!

I would like to give a massive thanks to the great models I used this time and James Neale of James Neale photography for another great shoot.

Now time to plan for the next one ……

Check it all out here Peggy May





Be grateful


I think this is something we all need to do in life. Being grateful for the things we have is a simple thing yet we do sometimes take them for granted.

Family and friends are so important and something we should always feel grateful for. I moved back to norfolk around 6 years ago and my family helped me so much. For this and so many other things they have done I will always be grateful.


The above quote is so true. We are always looking to better ourselves and get the latest gadget or have more than we do. But if we were grateful for the things we already have including people and love I’m sure we would all see how rich we truly are.

I have been writing down each day the things I am grateful for. Sounds a little crazy! But it really does work.  When you are grateful for the things you have and the moments you are grateful for it makes you realise what a great life you have. It also opens up lots more opportunities to you.


If you want any changes in your life you need to do as the above quote says. If you continue doing the same things then you will get the same results.

I could go into so much detail with this blog post but don’t want to make it too long. If you like these kind of posts please comment and I will write some more 🙂

I’m back

I’ve been slacking a little recently with my blog so I apologise to all my readers. Life has got in the way a little but I’m back again.

We have celebrated my nieces birthday heidi was 18 years old and wow that makes me feel so old! I got her a Pandora charm for her to keep forever and my mum and myself had some flowers with a balloon delivered to her sixth form for her 🙂

The next birthday we celebrate will be mine. One that is a milestone lol if I could choose a cake I would have this one, isn’t it fabulous!


I have lots of hand dyed yarns going into my peggy’s yarns shop this week but something else new are these minion stitch markers. So cute and selling well peggy’s yarns


Rolo is getting bigger, nearly 11 weeks old now, still as tiny. He has had his first injection and we can’t wait to take him for a walk to the local park. The weather has been beautiful recently so hoping it stays like this now.


My mum made me this cushion the other day. Love it and it goes great with my colour scheme in my living room. She obviously also loves to knit and she always has to have something on the needles.


I haven’t made any progress on my socks but I have been knitting a commission which is on a deadline. But then I will finish all the socks! Including my own pattern I am designing


Ask for what you want

This is something I have been saying for quite some time. I love this Madonna quote and I believe if you get it straight in your mind what you want you can achieve anything you wish.


I have been wanting to change my website for a while now. So I asked someone whose website I admired and they told me how to do it. So simple! I now have a new website with my etsy shop items imported into it, so easy to manage and update. New website

I have added lots more stitch markers and beautiful unique yarns.



We have also celebrated both my son’s birthdays since I wrote my last blog post. My youngest son was 8 years old and my eldest son was 14 years old.  How time flies!

We also added an addition to the family.  Meet Rolo. He is a 8 week Chihuahua and so adorable. The children love them and the early mornings are so worth it to have them.


Of course there has been lots of knitting going on too. I am knitting a chunky knit cardigan for a commission.  I still have two pairs of socks on the go.  Big thanks to @lizmakesit my friend on Twitter encouraging me with the socks and offering hugs on any bad days I have.


Hand dyed yarns

I have been quite busy the last week dyeing yarns, knitting and looking after my family.

I love hand dyeing yarns and seeing the colour combinations I can come up with. All of my yarns are one off unique skeins.
The first ones my son named galaxy, perfect for socks as these skeins are matching.


The next hand dyed yarn is called menace as the colours are red and black.


I’ve also made some stitch markers in the last week. My favourite are these Jack skellington ones.


I’ve also been doing some test knitting this week and decided to knit a grey throw for my living room which is going to take me ages but I’m enjoying it…..so far


Will post a free pattern for the throw when I’ve finished it.

Let me know if you would like any particular tutorial or blog post.

where you can buy the yarn and stitch markers

Knitting, coffee and plans

I have been so busy with lots of knitting commissions and test knits. But I am here again with another blog post.

The weather has been rainy and a little but miserable so trying to keep positive. Also had a big change home wise but it’s all working out well.

Apart from knitting my other addiction this week has been vanilla latte coffee. Probably the reason why I’ve been whizzing through my work


Also been dyeing some gorgeous yarns. This one is called galaxy and it is matching so perfect for socks. peggys yarns etsy shop


One of the socks I’m working on at the moment by Carol feller through the aplayfulday podcast on ravelry. I bought the e book and loving the patterns


What are you working on? What would you like to read or see on the blog? Let me know in the comments

Influence of Mr Selfridge

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After watching the whole first series of Mr selfridge on my kindle through Netflix I have been very influenced by this era. I love this series tremendously and it has opened up a lot of new design ideas for me.


The characters are particular with their appearance and glide across the screen. Even the ones with little or no money still always made an effort with their appearance.


Knitting of course was something people did then, just as my nanny Peggy did as something you had to do to make clothes for yourself and children. Now it is seen as a hobby and it is cheaper to buy a woollen garment mass produced from a shop than make it yourself.


I also love the Victorian decor such as the bedrooms. Doesn’t it look inviting and fresh. Of course there had to be a knitted throw on the bed too.


I have a few designs I am making at the moment including long gloves with lace detail, capes and socks.

Let me know which era has or is inspiring you at the moment?